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Baby’s First Visit to the Doctor

Jennifer and Samuel

Celebrity Mama and Noodle & Boo fan , Jennifer Garner, was recently seen taking her newest bundle of joy, Samuel, to his first doctor’s appointment. As this is her third baby, I can’t imagine it being too stressful for a routine check-up.  But if it’s your baby’s first trip there …

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Favorite Childhood Memory

Memory Lane

One of my most distinct and favorite memories growing up is waking up at dark o’clock on a Saturday morning, climbing down my bunk bed, tiptoeing down the hall to my brother’s room and saying in a loud whisper, “Hey, you wanna watch cartoons?”  We would then get the blankets …

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Smart or Silly?

knee pads

Recently, the ever stylish, Victoria Beckham tweeted a picture of pair of Crawlings knee pads that she picked up for her daughter, Harper. These are designed to help protect a baby’s knees when she starts crawling. While the designs are cute, wouldn’t a big pair of socks do the same …

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Are We There Yet?

baby red car

Traveling to see family can be such a treat for the holidays. Catching up with family members, creating new memories and celebrating traditions are just some of the highlights of the season. Packing, loading and, piling into a car for a few hours with a few kids can take the …

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Nobody puts baby in the corner

happy baby with diaper

Bust out the disco ball and pump up the jams!  Your baby is hardwired to dance.  Last year the University of York, England conducted a study with babies ages 5 months to 2 years old.  They were placed on the laps of their parent and music was played.  The parents …

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There’s a new baby in town

boy mama baby tummy

You’ve decided to expand your family and you’re expecting another child!  Brining a new baby into the family causes lots of excitement and anticipation. Preparing of a new baby can take a lot of energy and after the baby arrives there will be a change in where your attention goes first. …

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Media Madness

baby talk cell phone laptop

So this post doesn’t really have much to do with baby skincare, however Noodle & Boo is all about doing the best for your baby. We thought that this was a great topic to think about. Oh how the times have changed! Screens have become such a big part of …

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Celebrity Baby Must Haves

the jones

With so many recent celebrity baby births, we thought it would be fun to list some of the must haves that celebrity moms have their hands on. Besides Noodle & Boo, here are a few celeb favorites! Aden + Anais We’ve been seeing Aden +Anais blankets everywhere! They are a great …

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Product Spotlight: Ultimate Ointment

ultimate ointment

On the cusp of a weather change, we have all started to use a little bit more hand lotion to make up for the dryness in the air. If your skin is getting dry and chapped, the same can be said for your baby’s skin. One of our favorite remedies …

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Diaper Bag Essentials

baby diaper bags

Moms have whole bags dedicated to their children and the messes that will surely accompany them. The world of diaper bags has grown so much over the years; you are no longer stuck with a yellow bag with a picture of a duck on the side. One of our favorite …

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