About Murphy & The Mom

Who is “murphy & the mom” you ask? Well, my name is Christine and I am “the mom!” I have the pleasure of working at Noodle & Boo with Murphy (aka Sarah). We both wear a lot of different hats; I started Noodle & Boo way back when, and Sarah heads up the sales organization. Both of us have way too much ‘serious’ work to do, so why not add a little fun to our day and blog? At least that’s how I pitched it to Sarah! Sarah is “the hip one,” always in the know whether we are talking about celebrities, the latest fashion trends or newest brands we should be checking out; fun blogging stuff. I’m the mom with 3 three kids facing new “opportunities” every day. Just when I have mastered an age/stage, those little buggers do something new! I struggle with work-life balance and love finding things that make life just a little easier. Both Sarah and I are “glass half full” girls. As such, when we find something that encourages us or inspires us, we’ll share!