Favorite Childhood Memory

One of my most distinct and favorite memories growing up is waking up at dark o’clock on a Saturday morning, climbing down my bunk bed, tiptoeing down the hall to my brother’s room and saying in a loud whisper, “Hey, you wanna watch cartoons?”  We would then get the blankets from our beds, stretch out head to foot on the couch and watch TV until our parents woke up.  It’s a simple memory, but one that still makes me smile.

Now that my brother is a grown-up with a daughter of his own, I often wonder what her favorite childhood memory will be.  Has it even happened yet?  She is only three, so I am not quite sure how much she remembers of anything. I don’t think I remember much about being three years old, except for my sister being born.

Do you have a favorite childhood memory? Maybe it was bath time, or story time, or a family vacation. Do you think your kids have one yet? Maybe it’s something you don’t realize until you’ve grown up. What do you think?



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