Baby’s First Visit to the Doctor

Celebrity Mama and Noodle & Boo fan , Jennifer Garner, was recently seen taking her newest bundle of joy, Samuel, to his first doctor’s appointment. As this is her third baby, I can’t imagine it being too stressful for a routine check-up.  But if it’s your baby’s first trip there are few things you should remember.

You will probably have to fill out some paper work. Be prepared with your insurance card, any paper work from the delivery that may come in handy, and a good idea of your family medical history. The visit should be about 25 minutes and the doctor will probably ask you about the Baby’s eating, sleeping and digestive habits. Bringing some back up, like Dad or Grandma, may be a good idea as they may remember a question that you may have forgotten to ask.  Dress Baby in comfortable, easy to remove clothes.

If you have already gone through this, what tips do you have about Baby’s fist doctor’s visit?  Was there anything you wished you had done differently?

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