What’s it going to be?

It seems to be uncommon these days for parents not to know the sex of their baby. Usually by the 20 week ultra sound, parents are excited to learn if they will be welcoming a boy or a girl into the world. With this comes the emerging trend of Gender Reveal Party.

The party can happen two ways. The first way is when the parents learn the sex of their baby and want to reveal it to their family and friends. The other way is when the parents don’t know the sex of their baby and they find out during the party along with everyone else.

The BIG moment usually involves a cake.  If the parents know, they go to a bakery, ask for the appropriate color sponge cake with a neutral frosting. When the gender is a surprise for everyone, including the parents, a sealed envelope containing the baby’s sex is given to baker who makes the fitting cake. Sometimes they have their guests dress in the gender color they think the baby is going to be. Then during the party, games can be played and food is served. The big moment happens when the cake is cut and the reveal happens.

There is a bit of controversy surrounding these parties. Some see it as a great way to create excitement about a new addition to a family. It could also be a nice celebration when a couple has had a hard time having a baby.  It’s also popular with first grandchildren in the family. If you plan on this being your last pregnancy, it may be nice to celebrate it. Others see it as a bit self-centered, making it seem like your child is so very important that everyone must know what kind of baby you’re having.

The big question that people seem to be asking is about gifts.  Some people feel that it is just an excuse to get more gifts, especially if there is going to be a baby shower as well. Many couples request no gifts, but if it’s not specified you may think about getting a little something for the mother. We love the idea of a lovely note of congratulations along with a small gift. The Balm for soft hands and feet would be a great gift for some home pampering. You could also give the gift of smoother skin with Perfecting Crème to brighten her skin’s texture and help reduce stretch marks.

Whether you are for or against the trend of Gender Reveal Parties, it’s always nice to remember that a family is very excited about their new addition. What are your thoughts?


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