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On the cusp of a weather change, we have all started to use a little bit more hand lotion to make up for the dryness in the air. If your skin is getting dry and chapped, the same can be said for your baby’s skin. One of our favorite remedies for anything from diaper rash, to eczema, to cracked heels is the Ultimate Ointment.

The Ultimate Ointment creates a barrier between the skin and any source of irritation. It helps to repel moisture and it helps to enhance the healing process. Of course it is excellent for soothing and preventing diaper rash and eczema, but it also has some other uses that you may not have thought of.

Dry Hands and Feet:

Sure, Ultimate Ointment is great for baby, but don’t forget about yourself! The Ultimate Ointment is great for the dry, cracked skin on your feet. Apply a layer on clean, dry feet and put on a clean pair of socks before bed. It’s also great for cracked cuticles and super dry hands.


If your child already has sensitive skin and sometimes has eczema flare-ups, it may be irritated by drooling that comes with teething. Saliva from the constant drooling that comes with teething can build up around your child’s mouth and chin and cause eczema flare-up. Dr. Noelle Sherber says, “Teething babies can get eczema from wet to dry drool. To fix it, keep cheeks and chin moist with a balm like Ultimate Ointment, especially overnights”.

Irritated Noses:

With cold and flu season right around the corner, there could be a lot of sniffles in your future.  Avoid sore, red noses after lots of tissue use. Apply some Ultimate Ointment around the nose and sooth the irritated area. It’s a good fix for the whole family!

How do you use your Ultimate Ointment?

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