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Traveling to see family can be such a treat for the holidays. Catching up with family members, creating new memories and celebrating traditions are just some of the highlights of the season. Packing, loading and, piling into a car for a few hours with a few kids can take the wind right out of your holiday sails.  Here a few tips for making the trip a little bit easier:

Music or Audio Books
Having music they everyone enjoys can calm a whole care. What about listening to a book you might all like to hear?

I spy
This classic game never fails and can be good for so many ages. You can start easy with “ I spy with my little eye, something that moos”.  Make the clues harder for the older crowd.

Portable DVD
Does this one need an explanation? You can load up on DVDs at your local library!

Having their favorite blanket or stuffed animal can be comforting. It can also come in very handy for naptime!  Just make sure that the lovie does not get left behind anywhere!

Animal Alphabet Game
Everybody in the car can play. Someone starts with an A animal, like Anteater, the next person gets B and can say Bear, the third person get C and can say Cat and so on and so on… You can do this with a lot of different things: cartoon characters, cities, first names, words… It’s probably best with the four and over crowd.

Take Breaks
Making a few extra pit stops to stretch the legs is a good idea. If you do a little planning ahead, you may be able to stop at something interesting. What friends, parks or other attraction are on your way?  Bring a jump rope or a beach ball so your little ones can work off some of their energy.

Pipe Cleaners
Grab a pack to brightly colored pipe cleaners at your local craft store.  When your kids start to get restless, break open a pack.  You might be amazed at what they make!

Stocking up on low-mess snacks is a great idea: pretzels, grapes, and goldfish. Portioning them out into snack bags is a great way to avoid bickering and cut down on mess.

If you leave around nap or bedtime, your children can sleep for a good chunk of time.  If it all works out your little one may sleep all the way to your destination!

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