2011 Top Baby Names

As 2011 comes to an end, it’s just about the time that ‘best-of’ list start to appear. With that, comes the Top Baby Names for 2011.  BabyCenter just released their findings of the most popular baby names compiled form 300,000 babies to determine this year’s favorites. We love looking through this list since Noodle & Boo is named after two children!

Top 5 Girls Names in 2011:


Top 5 Boys Names in 2011:


There does seem to be an ever growing trend of celebrity inspired names this year. For boys, the Silver Fox, Anderson Cooper seems to be more inspirational with both the names Anderson and Cooper growing in popularity. And of course the Royal names have really become favorable. William, Kate, Catherine, and Harry all saw their names jump up on the list. Most notably the name Pippa had a huge jump from not on the list at all to # 1,376.

Less than royal, the reality TV stars from various Jersey inspired shows have inspired some parents this year too. (No, The Situation was not on the list.)  Names like Nicole (a.k.a. Snooki), Caroline and Briella have crept their way up the list. Escaping Twilight inspired names seems hard to do as well. Isabella is third on the list for girls and Jacob rounds out the top five for boys. Edward does not break the top 100. (Clearly, new parents are on Team Jacob.)

How did you decide what to name your child?  Were you inspired by celebrities or popular characters?

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